Cut Down Packing Waste

One look at our garbage tells the sad story of over-packaging. Take a look for yourself as you tie up the garbage bag. Imagine how many trees and gallons of oil you are throwing away. By reducing the amount of packaging you use by only 10% a year your carbon emissions lower by 1,200 pounds. The first step is shopping with reusable bags.  Just keep them in your car to make it easier to remember. After using a reusable bag only 11 times you have saved energy compared to single-use plastic bags. Another step is to buy more products in bulk. When making purchases consider the amount of packaging in your decisions. Look at the packaging you use and try reuse it for something else. Dissect you garbage and ask the question: What can I do differently? Be creative. Speak up to stores, restaurants and mail order companies and encourage them to have more sustainable packaging and tell them that the amount of packaging is part of your consumer decision-making process.