Cutting Waste with Compost

Compost may be filled with creepy crawling creatures, but it is a great way to reduce solid waste plus improve your lawn and garden. The average household produces 500 pounds of food waste a year, much of which can be easily composted. Any leftover fruits, vegetables, foods made from flour, even coffee grounds and eggshells can be composted.

Composting is a simple process. In the yard, you will need a large bin to collect the food waste. There are a wide variety of bins that be purchased or built by hand. Once the bin is set up, simply dump the food waste in. To speed up the process throw in some dead leaves and turn on occasion. Besides that just let the decomposers do their work. In the kitchen, you can have a small container to collect the compost until you bring it outside.

If only all our solid waste problems can be easily solved. Composting is also a great way for your family to see one of nature’s most important cycles in action.

Food waste into turns into soil, it is magic