Having Less Stuff

    Solving environmental problems does not only depend on high tech solutions. Significant improvement can be made by simply conserving resources. Any step in the right direction is better than no steps. On a daily basis, there are opportunities for all of us to be conservers, not consumers. When we act in this manner we are living with the natural world instead of against the natural world.
      Every day we use stuff, lots of stuff. Creating that stuff takes water, fossil fuels, chemicals, and other resources. Be mindful of the subtle pressure from advertising and your peers that try to convince you need more stuff. Look for ways to use less stuff. Ask yourself some of these questions: 

Do I really need to buy that? 
Is there a way I can make do without that? 
Can I give my children time instead of material goods? 
Is new really better?
Can it be fixed instead of replaced?
Am I taking care of my stuff so I don’t have to buy new stuff?


    Follow the 50% rule. If we use things twice as long usual before buying a new one we would save a tremendous amount of resources. For example: Instead of buying a new television the current one can last 50% longer. Remember any actions you take are an act of blessing towards the planet.